Artificial Intelligence and Informatics for Mechanical Engineering (AI2ME)

This research area group (RAG) seeks to complement and augment the conventional tools used by mechanical engineers with the emergent tools from the fields of data sciences, artificial intelligence (including machine learning), and informatics. RAG members have expertise in both the fundamental aspects of developing novel artificial intelligence (AI) and informatics tools as well as the application of existing AI and informatics tools to diverse problems in mechanical engineering. This cross-disciplinary RAG seeks to advance the mechanical understanding of complex physical systems with the goals of building wiser, more efficient, machines and physical systems. This RAG brings together ME researchers with different backgrounds and interests, including machine intelligence, data-driven modeling, material mechanics, multiscale physical systems design and optimization, robotics autonomy, advanced manufacturing, and computational bioengineering. Across our research labs and curriculums, we are using AI and informatics to address significant challenges in ME, educate the next generation of mechanical engineering leaders bringing humans and machines together, and envision a sustainable, connected, and creative future.

Academic Faculty

Alexander Alexeev Nazanin-Bassiri-Gharb Andrei Fedorov Chaitanya S. Deo Samuel Graham Itzhak Green Roger Jiao Yogendra Joshi Surya Kalidindi Satish Kumar Thomas Kurfess Ani Mazumdar David McDowell Devesh Ranjan Christopher Saldana Chengzhi Shi Aaron Stebner Yan Wang Levi Wood Shuman Xia Ye Zhao