Registration Dates

  Spring 2024 Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Schedule of Classes Available Oct 25 March 22 March 22
Time Tickets for Phase 1 Registration Nov 2 after 6pm April 6 @ 6pm April 6 @ 6pm
Phase 1 Registration * Nov 6 - Dec 15 April 10 - May 19 April 10 - May 19
Time Tickets for Phase 2 Registration Jan 4 N/A August 11
Phase 2 Registration * Jan 4 - Jan 12 N/A August 14 - 25
First Day of Classes Jan 8 May 16 August 21
Last Day to Register for Classes * Jan 12 @ 4pm May 20 August 25

*  All registration dates are subject to change and must be verified with the registrar's calendar. All registration times end at 4 PM EST on the last day


Summer Sessions

There are 3 sessions available during the summer. Specific dates are on the registrar's calendar. Registration for all summer sessions occurs at the same time. Registration for all 3 summer sessions (early, late and regular) will occur during the regular registration times.

  • Early Summer Session (5 weeks) - Some humanities and social science electives are available in this session but there are usually no ME, Math, Physics or COE classes during this session. Classes offered during this session sometimes have a section code of SSx or ESx (where x is an optional number).
  • Regular Summer Session (11 weeks) - Most ME, COE, PHYS and MATH classes are the full summer session. All classes have regular sections codes, ex. A, B, etc.
  • Late Summer Session (5 weeks) - These classes can be taken by all students. Some humanities and social science electives are available in this session but there are no ME, Math, Physics or COE classes during this session. Classes offered during this session usually have a section code of SSx or LSx (where x is an optional number).
  • Maymester (3 weeks) - Some humanities and social science electives are available in this session but there are usually no ME, Math, Physics or COE classes during this session.

Finding which Session the Class is Offered - There are 2 main ways to see which summer session a class is being offered.

  1. To see which session a class is being offered, click on the hyperlinked title number from the Class Look Up Screen in OSCAR. The Date Range will be in the Instructor/Meeting Times tab on the popup box. 
  2. To get one list of all of the classes being offered in a particular summer session, follow these instructions.


Mini-Mester Classes

Starting fall 2019, mini-mester classes will be offered in fall and spring semesters.  There will be 3 mini-mesters during each semester, with 1 credit hour mini-mester classes being offered during each mini-mester.  Registration for all mini-mester sessions occurs at the same time during the regular phase 1 and phase 2 window of registration. No special registration times are available for the mini-mesters.

  • Term 1 (First Minimester) - First 5 weeks of the semester.
  • Term 2 (Second Minimester) - Middle 5 weeks of the semester.
  • Term 3 (Third Minimester) - Last 5 weeks of the semester.

Finding which Session the Class is Offered - There are 2 ways to see which mini-mester a class is being offered.

  1. To see which session a particular class is being offered, click on the hyperlinked class name from the Class Look Up Screen in OSCAR. Then select the Instructor Meeting Times tab, and the date range will appear on the next screen.
  2. To see all mini-mester classes being offered in a particular semester, use the advanced search feature to search on the Part of Term for First Minimester, Second Minimester and/or Third Minimester.


Campus Restrictions - Is this Class Offered in Atlanta?

Campus restriction errors occur if you try to register for a class not offered in Atlanta. All Atlanta classes have a campus code (CMP) of 'A'. Classes offered at any location other than Atlanta, usually have a section code starting with R or Q. (ex. RMZ, RCC, RPK, ROX, R, QUP, etc.)

How to View the Campus Code for a Class

  • Look at the class listing in OSCAR
  • Find the column labeled Campus.
  • Atlanta students can only classes with a CMP (campus code) of:
    • Georgia Tech-Atlanta
    • Video
  • Any other campus code will give you a campus restriction error.


Registration Basics

Time Tickets

  • Time tickets are basically a time stamp that tells you the earliest time you are allowed to register.
  • Time tickets are automatically assigned to all students eligible to register. There is nothing that you must do to get a time ticket.
  • Registration for summer and phase 1 fall semesters happens simultaneously.  You will receive one time ticket that allows you to register for both summer and fall semesters at the same time. 
  • They are available on OSCAR for viewing at the times listed in the registration calendar, usually 1-2 business days before registration begins.
  • Use the Time Ticket Instructions to check your time ticket.


  • Use the Instructions for Viewing Holds to view any holds before registration begins.
  • Students cannot register until all holds are removed. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Holds can only be removed by the department who placed the hold. Ex. if the Bursar's office placed the hold, then the ME department cannot remove the hold for you. Only the Bursar's office can remove the hold.
  • All holds issued through the Woodruff School will NOT be removed over the phone. You must come in to the office have the hold removed.

Registration Instructions

  • How to Register for Classes - If you are not sure how to register for classes, look at the registrar's Registration Instructions.
  • Registration Errors - If you encounter an error while trying to register for a class, look at the registrar's Common Registration Errors for assistance in resolving the error. 

Overrides (Overloads, Permits and Prerequisite)

Override Types 

If you need an override, please make sure that you understand what you need! If you ask for the wrong thing, you will still not be able to register for the class.

  • Restricted Class Permit Overrides - Resolves the following registration errors:
    • Major Restriction
    • Class Restriction
    • Level Restriction
    • Permit Required
  • Overload Overrides - If you cannot register for a class because it is full, then you need an overload override. Resolves the following error:  Closed Section
    • Classes that are using the wait list option do not have any options for overloads. You must register for the waitlist.
    • Waitlists are being used for all of the ME and NRE classes, therefore we are not giving any overloads to ME or NRE classes. 
  • Pre-Requisite Overrides - If you do not have the correct prerequisites or co-requisites for a class, you need a pre-requisite override. Resolves the following error: PREQ & TEST SCORE-ERROR
  • Duplicate Overrides - If you are taking 2 courses with the same CRN number but different sections. (Ex: ME 4803 A & ME 4803 B) Resolves the following error: DUPL CRSE WITH SEC-XXXXX

How to Request Override

  • If the class you are requesting does not show up in OSCAR using the instructions below, then click here for more information.
  • Override requests can only be made during active registration periods. See the registrar's calendar for registration dates.
  • Major Restrictions - Mechanical Engineering does not remove their major restrictions at any time during the registration process.  Students from other majors who wish to take ME or NRE classes may request a permit to override the major restriction.  Permits are only given to non-lab classes and are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Overload Overrides are not given for classes that use the Waitlist Option.
  • Override Instructions
    • Log onto Buzzport
    • Select Registration (OSCAR)
    • Select Registration at the top of the screen
    • Select Registration Override Request
    • Follow the instructions to submit the override request
    • If you are requesting a pre-requisite override for a COE, ME or NRE class that is not yet posted on your GT transcript, then in addition to requesting a pre-req override you also need to send a copy of your transcript (unofficial is OK) from where you took the class to
    • If your override is approved, you must still register for the class. The override does not automatically register you for the course.
    • Overrides will typically be answered within 48 hours of the request. You will receive an e-mail telling you if the request was approved or denied.

Viewing the Status of Override Requests

  • All override requests made through OSCAR can be tracked and monitored using the following instructions:
    • Log onto Buzzport.
    • Select Registration (OSCAR)
    • Select Registration at the top of the screen
    • Select Registration Override Request Status.
    • Students will receive an e-mail when requests made through OSCAR have been processed.
  • All issued permits and overrides can be viewed on OSCAR with the Permits & Pre-Req Information Instructions.



General Information

  • Waitlist is an optional function that most departments are using for their classes.  It allows students to sign up for the waitlist for a course that is closed. Waitlist is exactly what it sounds like; you are not registered for the course but you are in line waiting to register for the course. You will need to wait for everybody else who is in line before you to register before you.
  • During phase 2 registration, waitlists will run only after all students have a time ticket.  This is usually at least 5 days into phase 2 registration.
  • You cannot be registered for a section and waitlisted for a different section of the same course number.  If you are registered, then you cannot Waitlist for a different section.
  • You can only be on one waitlist per course.  If the same course number has multiple sections, you can only be Waitlisted for one section of that course, not several sections. 

How to Use Waitlists

  • Once a student is waitlisted for a course section, a notification will be sent via email if a seat becomes available in that section. 
  • Waitlisted students are notified on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If a seat becomes available, students have 12 hours to register for the course section after the email notification is sent.  Students who do not register in that 12 hour time frame will lose their seat in the class and on the waitlist.
  • If a class section uses a waitlist, then no overloads are given for that class. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Placement on a Waitlist is NOT registration and does not guarantee enrollment in the course.  All students should plan accordingly.
  • Click here for instructions to identify course sections that use the waitlist option.
  • Click here for instructions to waitlist for the course section.
  • If you drop a class that you are registered for and the class is using a waitlist, you will not be able to get the class back without using the waitlist. You will need to register for the waitlist, and you will be last in the queue.

Waitlists for Lab and Studio Classes

  • If classes have separate lectures, labs and/or studios, there are 2 sections that a student must register for.  The student will need to register for the lecture class and the lab/studio class separately, with 2 different Course Reference Numbers (CRNs).  Students must check both boxes or type in both CRN numbers on the add/drop screen when registering for classes.  Failure to do this will results in a link error.  
  • If you are trying to sign up for a waitlist for classes with two different CRN's only sign up for one waitlist that is associated with the lab or studio time.  
  • If you are sent an email notification to register for the class from the waitlist, go to the add/drop screen and type in both CRN numbers in the box.  You cannot register for only the waitlisted lab course because you will receive a link error.  You must register for both the lecture and the lab/studio.    

View Your Place on The Waitlist

  • Log onto Buzzport.
  • Select Registration - OSCAR.
  • Select Registration.
  • Select Register for Classes.
  • Follow the prompts to go into the registration screen for the semester in question. 
  • View this image to find your position on the waitlist.


Foreign Language Classes

  • Use the modern language web site for registration information.
  • Registration in ARBC, CHIN, GRMN, JAPN, KOR, or RUSS courses does not require a permit.
  • During the first week (sometimes two weeks) of Phase I registration, all SPAN courses and some FREN and GRMN courses are restricted to registration by EIA, GEML, HTS, IAML, INTA, and STAC majors only. If you are not one of these majors, you will get a "major restriction" error if you try to register. Courses with available seats will open up to all students after the restricted period (normally 24 hours after freshmen have begun to register).
  • Students in the International Plan or pursuing declared foreign language minors are eligible to request a permit during this time period.
  • Students who want to begin study of a language they have never studied before should start in the 1001 course.
  • Click here for information about on-line language classes.
  • Online placement tests are available to and required of students continuing study of CHIN, FREN, GRMN, JAPN, SPAN, and RUSS from high school to determine their correct entry-level course. Students taking the placement tests need to bring a copy of their scores to the first class meeting so that their eligibility for the course can be verified.
  • Students who self-place themselves into language courses without following the modern language guidelines and procedures will be asked to leave that course to try to register for the correct one with no guarantee that a seat will be available to them.


Level Restriction Errors (Undergraduates taking Grad Classes)

Rules & Requirements

  • If you wish to take a graduate class in another department, please contact the advisor in that department for instructions.
  • Students must be senior status to take graduate level classes.
  • Undergraduate students are not allowed to take ME 6753, ME 6754, ME 6789, ME 6792 and ME 6799. In addition, undergraduates are not allowed to take seminar classes or teaching practicum classes.  Other classes, such as classes primarily for Robotics MS or PhD students, may be restricted on a a semester-by-semester basis due to demand or content.  
  • Permits for graduate level classes will only be given during phase 2 registration, after all of the incoming graduates students have registered for classes. In summer semester that is generally the Friday before summer semester begins.

Graduating BSMS Students Starting Graduate School Next Semester

Students who are graduating this semester and starting graduate school next semester do not request permits for graduate level courses. You will register during phase 2 with the incoming graduate students, after your BS degree is awarded and you matriculate into the graduate program.  Permits are not approved for these students during phase 1.  You register before the current undergraduate BSMS students are issued permits for MS classes late in phase 2 registration. 

Procedure for BS/MS Students Only (ME and NRE)

This is for students who have already been accepted to the BS/MS Program in ME or NRE and currently have a 3.5 GPA or higher.

  • Submit a Restricted Class Permit Override for the class.
  • State in the request reason that you are a BS/MS student.
  • You will be notified through e-mail when the permit is issued.
  • After your permit is issued, you need to e-mail the registrar's office and ask for a level restriction override.  Be sure to include your name, GTID and the course number.
  • After the level restriction override is given, make sure you register for the class.

Procedure for All Other Undergraduate Students

  • You must have a 3.3 GPA to take a graduate level class.
  • Obtain permission from the professor teaching the class and have the professor forward the okay to
  • Submit a Restricted Class Permit Override for the class.
  • You will be notified through e-mail when the permit is issued.
  • After your permit is issued, you need to e-mail the registrar's office and ask for a level restriction override.  Be sure to include your name, GTID and the course number.
  • After the level restriction override is given, you must register for the class

Finding Specific Classes in OSCAR (Humanities, Social Science, Classes with Specific Credit Hours)

The instructions below show students how to use OSCAR to find specific classes being offered each semester. Examples are finding humanities electives, social science electives, classes that are specific hours (ex. finding all 1 hour classes being offered) or all classes offered during a particular summer session (early, late or full summer).

  1. Log into Buzzport
  2. Select Registration (OSCAR)
  3. Select Registration at the top of the screen
  4. Select Browse Classes or Register for Classes (if your time ticket is open)
  5. Select the Term and press Continue
  6. Select Advanced Search
  7. Select all of the Subject codes by leaving that section blank.  
    • To Find Humanities and Social Sciences: In the Attribute box, select the attribute that you are looking for and leave the Subject box blank.
    • To Find Classes with Specific Credit Hours: In the Credit Hours box, type in the credits you are looking for
    • To Find Classes Offered during a Specific Summer Semester:  In the Part of Term box, select the specific summer session you are looking for (Maymester, Early Short Summer Session, Later Short Summer Session or Full Term Session) and leave the Subject box blank.
    • To Find On-Line Classes Offered During the Summer Semester:  In the Campus box, select Video.  On-line classes are currently only offered during summer semesters. 
    • To Find Asynchronous Classes:  Look at the times that the courses are offered.  If the times and days of the class are not listed, then it is an asynchronous class. 
    • To Find Mini-Mester Classes in a Particular Semester:  In the Part of Term box, select the specific mini-mester you are looking for (First Minimester, Second Minimester, Third Minimester)
  8. Select Section Search
  9. You will now see a list of all of the classes that are being offered in that semester, for the particular attribute you selected


Pre-Requisite, Restriction Information and Notes about Classes

Pre-Reqs and Co-Reqs on the ME/NRE Programs of Study

All pre-reqs and co-reqs* for required classes are listed on the ME Program of Study or NRE Program of Study. The bottom section of the class box lists the pre-reqs for each class.  

  • It is your responsibility to check the pre-reqs before you register for a class! OSCAR will not allow you to register for classes without the correct pre-reqs and co-reqs.
  • No pre-req overrides will be given for classes requiring a pre-req of a class that you plan to take somewhere other than Georgia Tech. You will need to add those classes during phase 2 registration, after your transfer credit is on your transcript.

View Pre-Reqs, Restrictions and Notes in OSCAR

  • Log onto Buzzport.
  • Select Registration (OSCAR)
  • Select Registration at the top of the screen
  • Select Browse Classes or Register for Classes (if your time ticket is open)
  • Select the Term and press Continue.
  • Select the subject you are interested in and press Search.
  • After the classes are listed on the screen, click on the hyper linked Title of the class.
  • Click on each tab for the information you want (view a screen shot here)
    • Class Details: Grade mode, credit hours, class title, etc.
    • Course Descriptions: view any notes about the course
    • Restrictions: major restrictions, cohort restrictions, campus restrictions, level restrictions
    • Instructor/Meeting Times: class dates, times, building and room information
    • Prerequisites: course pre-reqs and co-reqs
    • Linked Sections: list of linked lab, lecture and/or recitation sections

Summer Classes as Pre-reqs for Fall Classes

  • When registering for fall semester, any classes that you have already registered for in the summer will satisfy the pre-req or co-req requirement for the class in the fall. For example, if you register for MATH 2551 this summer you will then satisfy the pre-reqs for the MATH 3670 in the fall. You can add MATH 3670 to your fall schedule after MATH 2551 is in your summer schedule.
  • If for some reason you drop/fail/do not take a summer class that is a pre-req to a fall class, the fall class will automatically be dropped from your fall schedule. This will happen just before phase 2 registration for fall semester.
  • Summer and fall time tickets generally are open at the same time.  If you plan to take both summer and fall classes, you must register for your summer classes before you can add your fall classes. If you have not registered for summer classes which are required as a pre-req for a fall class, then you will not be able to register for those fall classes due to pre-requisite errors.
  • Students who are planning to take classes some place other than Georgia Tech during the summer will not be able to register for the next class in the pre-requisite chain until phase 2 registration in the fall. You must show a transcript of your grades to request a pre-requisite override to register during phase 2.


ME Electives Offerings


On-line ME Courses in Fall & Spring

Course Options

For fall '23 semester, the ME department will be offering a few completely asynchronous on-line classes. These classes are strictly intended for students who are at work, either an internship or a co-op. We have selected some key classes which are important in the pre-requisite chains to help students maintain 4 year graduation rates. Keep in mind that in fall and spring semesters, students pay a flat tuition fee for taking anywhere between 1-6 credit hours, and it is NOT the pay by the credit hour tuition structure we have in the summer semester. The classes being offered all have a section code of O for on-line and will show up as having no open seats. This is done to ensure that only students who meet the requirements can register for the class.

  • ME 2016-O: CRN 93837
  • ME 2202-O: CRN 93838
  • ME 3017-O: CRN 93842
  • ME 3180-O: CRN 93845
  • ME 3210-O: CRN 93843
  • ME 3322-O: CRN 93839
  • ME 3340-O: CRN 93840
  • ME 3345-O: CRN 93841

Requirements to take an on-line class:

  • Enrollment is strictly limited to students who are at work for the semester. This is not for students taking classes who want to take an on-line class.
  • You must be registered for a co-op or internship class.
  • Students can take up to 2 classes in the semester along with a full time work experience.
  • You must meet the pre-requisite requirements to take the classes. Pre-requisite overrides are not given for these classes.

To sign up for the class:

  • Review the tuition structure to be sure that this is something you want to do. 
  • Register for the co-op or internship class. You must submit your job offer to CareerBuzz, and then Career Services will register you for the appropriate class. Instructions are here
  • Request a CLOSED CLASS OVERLOAD for the class you want to take through OSCAR. You cannot register for the class without an OVERLOAD.  Click here for instructions to request the OVERLOAD override.  
  • The permit team may reach out to you if they have any questions or if they need more information.
  • After the CLOSED CLASS OVERLOAD is issued, it is your responsibility to register for the class. The ME department does not have the ability to register you for the class.

Questions? Please direct all questions to the ME Permit Team at