MSME Sample Programs Of Study By Research Area

Please note that all of the MSME course work is elective, within the overall degree requirement framework cited in the MS section of the grad handbook.

While not required, below are links to sample program of study templates that may help in assembling an MSME Program of Study in different mechanical engineering fields.  These templates should in no way be considered strict guidelines that must be followed.  They are merely meant to give students some sense of what course work they might take to complete their MS requirements in a particular field. 

The classes listed in each template are the courses in the “coherent major area.”  All the courses do not need to be from one particular field.  In fact, there may even be recommendations of courses from other Schools in the College of Engineering, or there may be suggestions for courses from the Colleges of Science or Computing that might fit nicely into the particular field.  Please note that all of your coursework in the major area does not have to come from the School of Mechanical Engineering



Automation, Robotics and Control


Computer Aided Engineering


Dynamics and Vibration

Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer, Combustion, and Energy Systems


Mechanics of Materials

Micro and Nano Engineering