MSME Program of Study: Acoustics

Research Area Group/Major Area topic  ______ Acoustics______

(7 courses – 21 credit hours)

  1.      ME 4760 Engineering Acoustics and Noise Control
  2.      ME 6760 Acoustics I
  3.      ME 6761 Acoustics II 
  4.      ME 6762 Applied Acoustics OR  ME 6769: Linear Elasticity  
  5.      ME 6452 Wave Propagation in Solids
  6.      ME 4189 Structural Vibrations
  7.      ME 6758  Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

PLEASE NOTE:  These are just seven suggested courses.  They should in no way be construed as “required.”  You can mix and match.  You may also replace courses with other courses in mechanical engineering, or other Schools in the College of Engineering, or applicable courses in the Colleges of Science or Computing.  This template is provided merely as a general guide for a student who wants to focus heavily in the area of acoustics.


Minor Area  (Signal Processing)

(2 courses – 6 credit hours)

  1.      ME 6449 Transducer and Signals
  2.      ECE 6279 Spatial Array Processing



(1 course – 3 hours)

  1.      MATH 4305, Topics in Linear Algebra  OR
  2.      MATH 4581  Math Methods in Engineering OR
  3.      MATH 6701 Mathematical Methods of Applied Sciences I OR 
  4.      MATH 6702 Mathematical Methods of Applied Sciences II