MSME Program of Study: Micro and Nano Engineering

Research Area Group/Major Area topic  ______Micro and Nano Engineering______

(7 courses – 21 credit hours)

  1.      ME6229:  Introduction to MEMS
  2.      ME6796:  Structure Property Relations
  3.      ME 6124: Finite Element Analysis
  4.      ME 6460: MEMS Design
  5.      ­ME 6449: Transducers 
  6.      ME6776:  Microsystems Packaging
  7.      Intro to Fluids OR Thermodynamics

PLEASE NOTE:  These are just seven suggested courses.  They should in no way be construed as “required.”  You can mix and match.  You may also replace courses with other courses in mechanical engineering, or other Schools in the College of Engineering, or applicable courses in the Colleges of Science or Computing.  This template is provided merely as a general guide for a student who wants to focus heavily in the area of MicroNano Engineering.


Minor Area

(2 courses – 6 credit hours)

  1.      _____Student selected minor area ________
  2.      _____Student selected minor area ________



(1 course – 3 hours)

  1.      _____Student selected math course ________