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The Heat Transfer, Combustion, and Energy Systems Research Group is one of the largest and most diverse thermal and energy science group in the country.  The group is involved in a wide range of cutting edge basic and applied research from nanoengineered materials to large thermal energy systems.  The group has particular strengths in the areas of microscale and nanoscale conduction and radiation, thermal management of electronic devices, HVAC and refrigeration, combustion, and renewable energy systems.  The group occupies state of the art laboratory space that includes extensive labs in the Love Building and new facilities in the North Avenue Research Area that includes the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory.  The group is very active in sponsored research with funding from sponsors such as DARPA, NSF, ONR, AFOSR, ARO, DOE, ARPA-E, and a large number of industrial partners. 

Academic Faculty





Research Faculty

Research Facilities

  • Data Center Thermal Management Laboratory
  • Fourier Transaform Infrared Spectrometer Laboratory
  • Institute for Paper Science and Technology Water Removal Laboratory
  • J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building
    (Faculty and graduate student offices and labs)
  • Microelectronics Thermal Management Laboratory
  • Microscale Thermal Radiation Laboratory
  • Microthermal Systems Laboratory
  • Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory
  • Three-Axis Automated Scatterometer Laboratory