• Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1979
  • M.S., University of Florida, 1972
  • B.S., Clemson University, 1968


Dr. Jeter's research background includes systems and theoretical thermo-dynamics, and heat and mass transfer, thermal and fluid energy systems, engineering education, and advanced engineering thermodynamics. He began at Tech in 1978 as a Research Engineer.


Dr. Jeter's research interests include both basic and applied research. His basic research is focused on two-phase heat and mass transfer, such as the experimental investigation of heat transfer to boiling liquids, whereas his theoretical basic research includes work on the thermodynamics of mixtures and radiation.

Dr. Jeter's applied research is largely devoted to improving the performance of existing energy systems and developing innovative energy systems, particularly fluid and thermal energy systems.

  • Registered Professional Engineer in Georgia


  • Electrode Arrangement for Electrohydrodynamic Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer, with S.I. Abdel-Khalik, U.S. Patent No. 6,374,909, April 23, 2002.
  • A Film Pump for Applying a Monolayer Film Over Water Surfaces, U. S. Patent No. 5,558,845, with M. T. Pauken and S. I. Abdel-Khalik, October 1996.
  • Loop Timing Chain, U. S. Patent 4,027,792, June 7, 1977
  • Tufting Needle, U. S. Patent 4,015551, April 5, 1977

Representative Publications

  • F. F. Abedelall, et al. 2005. Pressure Drop Caused by Abrupt Flow Area Changes in Small Channels. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 29, 425-434.
  • S. M. Jeter and Hany A. M. Al-Ansary. 2004. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Single-Phase and Two-Phase Flow in Ejectors. The International Journal of HVAC Research 10(4), 521-538.
  • S. M. Jeter, C. C. Pascual and S. I. Abdel-Khalik. 2002. Visualization of Boiling Bubble Dynamics Using a Flat Uniformly Heated Transparent Surface. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 45, 691-696.
  • R. M. Stoddard, et al. 2002. Onset of Flow Instability and Critical Heat Flux in Thin Horizontal Annuli. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Sciences 26, 1-14.
  • T. M. Remley, et al. 2001. Validation of EHD-Enhanced Nucleate Boiling Correlations. ASHRAE Transactions 107, 326-336.