Finance and Accounting


  • To provide for the monetary management of the Woodruff School and its funds.
  • To provide service for all members of the ME Woodruff School with regards to fund management and reimbursements.

Team Members

Angela Hicks - Director of Business Operations; primarily works with higher level college budgeting

Vacant - Assistant Director of Financial Operations

Vacant - Grants Administrator

 Vacant - Grants Administrator

Harrison Crawford - Financial Administrator III

Miffy Grayson - Financial Manager I

Mary Helen Hayes - Financial Manager II

Candice Gray - Financial Administrator II

Tiffani Brown - Financial Administrator II

Oliver Mahone - Financial Administrator Lead

Daniel Gaskin - Financial Administrator I

Vacant - Financial Administrator I

Belay Tekeste - Grants Administrator

Leslie Durham - Financial Manager II

Daryll Whitehead - Financial Manager I


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