Transfer Credits

Any transfer of credit must be requested during your first semester in residence at Georgia Tech. You may receive up to six semester hours of transfer credit toward the M.S. degree for graduate-level courses taken at an accredited institution in the United States or Canada and not used for credit toward another degree. You must supply a current transcript of these courses for evaluation.

Confer with the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies to ascertain whether the courses to be transferred are a logical part of your graduate program at Georgia Tech. The courses should appear on the approved program of study form. If the courses are appropriate, you will need to give the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies a copy of your current transcript and some descriptive course materials, including catalog descriptions, syllabi, and textbooks, which will be used to evaluate the course. The School Chair or the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies will consult with faculty of the appropriate Georgia Tech department to determine the equivalent Georgia Tech course and the number of credit hours to be accepted. The Associate Chair for Graduate Studies prepares and approves the Non-Resident Credit Report. The completed form is sent directly to the Georgia Tech Registrar with the supporting documentation.