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Cloud Storage and Data Security


Category I – Public Use:This information is targeted for general public use. Examples include Internet website contents for general viewing and press releases.

Category II – Internal Use:Information not generally available to parties outside the Georgia Tech community, such as directory listings, minutes from non-confidential meetings, and internal (Intranet) websites. Public disclosure of this information would cause minimal trouble or embarrassment to the Institute. This category should be the default data classification category.

Category III – Sensitive:This information is considered private and should be guarded from disclosure; disclosure of this information may contribute to financial fraud and/or violate State and/or Federal law.

Category IV – Highly Sensitive:Data which needs to be protected with the highest levels of security, as prescribed in contractual and/or legal specifications.

Examples of Data Categorizations can be found at OIT's Data Categorization FAQ.


Original concept by Rachel Ponder in ECE,