Thesis & Dissertation Announcements

All doctoral students in the Woodruff School have to do a Ph.D. Proposal Presentation as well as a Defense of their Dissertation. All of the proposal and defense dissertation announcements since this page was created in 1997 are archived here.

Students who are working toward their master's degree can do either a thesis or a nonthesis option. Students who write a thesis do a formal presentation of their work; the abstracts are presented here. Those who do a coursework-only option do not present their work and are not listed here.

This page contains a list of graduate students in the Woodruff School who have defended a Ph.D. dissertation or presented an M.S. thesis. Theses and dissertations from 1997 through 2005 are in the archive file. You can search the files through the site-specific search engine on this page. You can also locate students through the alphabetic listing.

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