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To request a seminar, please follow these instructions:

  1. Before you request your seminar, you must have a room reservation.

  2. Only one seminar/lecture/colloquium can be scheduled in the morning (8 AM - 12 PM) and one in the afternoon (12 PM - 7 PM).

  3. If you request a time block that has been taken, your request will be denied. You must pick another day or time.

  4. Only Woodruff School seminars/lectures/colloquiums can be posted to this site.

  5. No seminar can be scheduled to conflict with the following events:

    • Gegenheimer Lecture on Innovation

    • Woodruff Distinguished Lecture

    • Be sure not to schedule a seminar on a day that campus is closed
  6. View Seminar Submission Page Hints: View helpful tips and tricks for submitting your seminar.

  7. View Seminar Flow Charts: View the seminar flow charts to figure out how the system works.


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