Overview of Minors and Certificates

Georgia Tech offers over 70 minors and 40 certificate options. A minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours in an area outside of your major.  A minor will appear on your transcript.  A certificate consists of a minimum of 12 semester hours in an area outside of your major.  A certificate will not appear on your transcript, but you will receive a certificate indicating that you have completed the program.

Minors and Certificates Offered by the Woodruff School



Declaring or Removing Minors

  • Some minors require an application process, with specific application windows. 
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering & Business Program
    • Robotics Minor (see section below)
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (applications are accepted annual with a due August 1 each year, see application in section above)
  • Obtain a minor declaration form and review the DocuSign instructions.
  • DocuSign Instructions:

                    Major Advisors   Minor & Certificate Advisors.

  • Robotics Minor
    • There are 2 parts to this minor application.  BOTH PARTS of the robotics minor application are  due by Friday of the second week to get the results during that semester.  Applications are accepted fall, spring and summer semesters. 
    • Forms will take approximately 2-3 business days to be signed.  Minor forms are not signed during active registration times, so it may taken longer during these times.  Please plan accordingly. 
  • NOTE:  Students who previously declared a minor and did not finish it, must remove the minor when they apply to graduate.  

Declaring Certificates

  • The semester that you graduate, fill out the Certificate Form and turn it in to the department offering the certificate. You will need to talk to the department offering the certificate to find the form.  Once your certificate is approved the department offering the certificate will mail it to you.

          NRE Certificate Application

  • Certificates are not officially declared with a form.  Students need to work directly with the department offering the certificate to take the classes.

Registering for Minor or Certificate Classes

  • Registering for NRE Minor or Certificate Classes
    • Major restrictions for NRE 2120 are removed after all first year students have registered. 
    • The rest of the NRE classes are major restricted so students will need to request a Restricted Class Permit for those classes.
  • Registering for Non-ME/NRE Minor or Certificate Classes
    • You will need to contact each department to find out how to register for the minor or certificate classes.
    • Some departments give permits and some you need to wait until the major restrictions are removed.  Common programs:
      • Business:  Register after the major restrictions are removed.
      • CS:  You must wait until the major restrictions are removed.  Once you are accepted to the minor, you will receive 1 permit each semester.

How Minor & Certificate Classes Can be Used in your Curriculum

  • Minor Rules and Regulations
    • A student can receive a maximum of two minors.
    • Minor classes cannot be double counted as minor classes and humanities or social science electives.
    • ME Students:  Minor classes can be used to satisfy Free Electives if the classes meets the requirements for as a free elective. Minor classes can be used as an ME elective only if the class is cross-listed with an approved ME elective.
    • NRE Students:  Minor classes can be used to satisfy Free Electives, Technical Electives, Math/Science Elective or Engineering Electives if the classes meet the requirements for that particular class.
    • Click here for additional minor rules.
  • Certificate Rules and Regulations
    • There is no limit to the number of certificates that a student can earn.
    • Certificate classes can be double counted as certificate classes and humanities and/or social science electives as long as it is approved by the department offering the certificate.
    • Click here for additional certificate rules.


Earn an Economics Minor.                                                 Earn a History, Technology & Society Minor:


Earn a Public Policy Minor.                                                  Earn an Industrial Design Minor: