Graduate Course Offerings by Research Group and Semester

Acoustics & Dynamics6441Every Fall
 6442Every Spring
 6443As Required
 6444Every Spring/Odd Years
 6449Every Fall
 6452Every Spring/Sometimes Fall
 6760Sometimes Fall/Every Spring
 6761Every Fall/Sometimes Spring
 6762As Required
 7442Every Fall/Even Years
 7764As Required
 885XAs Required
Automation, Robotics, and Control6401Every Fall
 6402Every Spring
 6403Every Spring
 6404Every Fall/Odd Year
 6405Every Fall/Spring
 6406Every Fall
 6407Every Spring
 884XAs Required
 894XAs Required
Bioengineering4757Every Fall/Spring
 4758Every Spring
 6720Every Spring
 6743Every Fall
 6746Every Spring
 6777Every Spring
 6778As Required
 6782Every Fall
 6783As Required
 6784As Required
 6793Every Spring
 6794Every Fall
 887XAs Required
 897XAs Required
Computer-Aided Engineering and Design6101Every Fall/Sometimes Spring
 6102Every Spring
 6103Every Fall/Even Years
 6104Every Spring
 6105Every Fall
 6124Every Fall/Sometimes Spring
 7227Every Fall/Sometimes Spring
 7228As Required
 8813Every Term
 881XAs Required
 891XAs Required
Fluid Mechanics6601Every Fall
 6602Every Spring
 6604As Required
 6622Every Spring
 7602Every Fall/Odd Years
 7751Sometimes Fall/Every Spring
 886XAs Required
 896XEvery Fall
Heat Transfer6301Every Spring
 6302Every Spring
 6303 (INT)Every Spring
 6303 (ADV)Every Spring
 6304Every Fall
 6305Every Spring
 6309Every Spring/Even Years
 6601Every Fall
 7301EEvery Fall
 8833Every Fall
Manufacturing6222Every Fall
 6223As Required
 6225As Required
 6768Every Spring
 6792Every Fall/Sometimes Spring
 7226As Required
 7771Every Fall/Even Years
 7793Sometimes Spring
Mechanics of Materials6201Every Fall
 6203Every Spring
 6204Every Spring/Even Years
 6759As Required
 6769Every Fall
 6770As Required
 6795As Required
 6796Every Fall
 6797As Required
 7201As Required
 7203Every Fall
 7772Every Fall
 7774Every Spring
 7792As Required
 888XAs Required
 898XAs Required
MEMS6229Every Fall
 8803Every Spring
 880XSometimes Fall
 890XEvery Spring
Tribology4193Every Fall
 4853As Required
 6242Every Fall/Odd Years
 6243Every Spring
 6244Every Fall
 882XAs Required
 892XEvery Term
Other6753Every Fall/Sprig
 7000Every Term
 7757Every Term
 8010As Required
 8014As Required
 8997Every Term
 9000Every Term
 NRE/MP4750Every Spring
NRE/MPNRE 6101Every Fall
 NRE 6102Every Spring
 NRE 6103As Required
 NRE 6105As Required
 NRE 6201Every Spring
 NRE 6301Sometimes Spring
 NRE 6401Every Spring
 NRE 6434As Required
 NRE 6502Sometimes Fall
 NRE 6755Sometimes Spring
 NRE/MP 6756Every Fall
 NRE/MP 6757Every Spring
 NRE 7103As Required
 NRE 7203As Required
OtherNRE/MP 7000Every Term
 NRE 7757Every Term
 NRE 8014As Required
 NRE/MP 880XAs Required
 NRE 8997Every Fall
 NRE 8998As Required
 NRE/MP 9000Every Term