Faculty Awards

The National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation is an independent U.S. government agency responsible for promoting science and engineering through programs that invest over $3.3 billion per year in almost 20,000 research and education projects in science and engineering.


The Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program encourages the integration of education and research by faculty in the early phases of their academic careers. The program began in 1978 when the awards were then known as the Presidential Young Investigator Award or the Young Investigator Award. Today, the award supports junior faculty for approximately $50,000 a year for a five-year period.


The Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) was established in 1996 to honor the most promising beginning researchers in the nation within their fields. Eight federal departments and agencies, including the National Science Foundation, nominate those who show exceptional promise for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge. The award is presented at a ceremony in the White House.

Woodruff School Faculty Awards given by NSF

Cyrus Aidun, Professor


Advances in Surface Processing and Thin-Film Liquid Cooling (1992 CAREER)

Antonia Antoniou 

Systematic Understanding and Control of the Mechanical Properties of Functionalized Nanoporous Metals (2014 CAREER)

Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Assistant Professor


Geometric Control of Flexoelectricity in Patterned Dielectric Thin Films (2013 CAREER)

Yves H. Berthelot, Professor


Generation and Detection of Sound and Vibration with Laser Beams (1988 CAREER)

Bert Bras, Professor


Integrated Product and De- and Remanufacture Process Design (1996 CAREER)

Baratunde Cola, Assistant Professor


Thermogalvanic Energy Conversion with Hybrid Nanostructures (2011 CAREER)

Baratunde Cola, Assistant Professor


Energy conversion, nanoscale transport and materials, and significant outreach and educational activities involving K-12 students and teachers from disadvantaged minority communities (2012 PECASE)

Jonathan S. Colton, Professor


Intelligent Design and Manufacturing Systems (1989 CAREER)

Suman Das, Associate Professor


Solid Freeform Fabrication of Heterogeneous Multifunctional Devices (2003 CAREER)

Levent Degertekin, Woodruff Chair in Mechanical Systems


Quantitative Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy of Thin Films and Subsurface Interfaces (2004 CAREER)

Brandon Dixon 

Multi-Scale Approaches to Quantify Biomechanical Control of Lymphatic Pump Function (2014 CAREER)

Alper Erturk, Assistant Professor 

Electroelastic Dynamics of Flexible Piezoelectric Composites for Enhanced Biomimetic Locomotion and Energy Harvesting (2013 CAREER)

Ken Gall, Professor


Micro-Nano Scale Deformation and Damage in Emerging Materials (2001 PECASE)

Andrés J. García, Professor


Hybrid Surfaces to Control Cell Adhesion and Function (2001 CAREER)

Srinivas Garimella, Professor


Binary-Fluid Absorption Heat and Mass Transfer in Wavy Films and Droplets (1999 CAREER)

Samuel Graham, Associate Professor


Thermal Engineering of Nitride Semiconductors (2005 CAREER)

Tequila Harris, Assistant Professor


Understanding Mechanisms that Generate Defects in the Fabrication of Functional Materials for Energy Systems (2010 CAREER)

Mardi Hastings, Professor


Generation and Detection of Sound and Vibration with Laser Beams (1988 CAREER)

David Hu, Assistant Professor 

Locomotion Through Particulate Environments by Invertebrates and Vertebrates (2013 CAREER)

David N. Ku, Huang Endowed Chair


Development of Accurate Noninvasive Angiography (1987 CAREER)

Kok-Meng Lee, Professor


High Performance Precision Motion Control (1989 CAREER)

Tim Lieuwen, Professor


Acoustic Radiation from Premixed Flames: Fundamentals and Diagnostic Applications (2001 CAREER)

Harvey Lipkin, Associate Professor


Hybrid Control for Robotics (1987 CAREER)

David L. McDowell, Paden Endowed Chair


Material Damage Under Cyclic Loading (1986 CAREER)

G . Paul Neitzel, Professor


Studies in Hydrodynamic Stability (1984 CAREER)

Olivier Pierron 

Fundamental Investigation of Surface Fatigue Crack Initiation Mechanisms in Nanocrystalline FCC Metals (2013 CAREER)

H. Jerry Qi 

Integrative Research and Education on Multiphysical Behaviors of Soft Functional Materials (2007 CAREER)

Suresh Sitaraman, Professor


Implantable Medical Devices: A Process-Modeling Approach to High Reliability and Miniaturization (1997 CAREER)

Marc K. Smith, Professor


The Finite-Amplitude Instability of Dynamic Thermocapillary Liquid Layers (1985 CAREER)

Jeffrey Streator, Associate Professor


An Investigation of Adhesion and Shear in Ultra-Thin Lubricant Films (1992 CAREER)

Todd Sulchek, Assistant Professor


Understanding Multivalent Biological Bonds for Biosenssing Applications (2011 CAREER)

Yan Wang, Assistant Professor


Geometric Modeling for Computer-Aided Nano Design (2007 CAREER)

Zhuomin Zhang, Professor


Spectral Directional Radiative Properties of Rough Si at Elevated Temperature (1999 PECASE)

Min Zhou, Professor


Modeling and Characterization of Microstructure-Induced Toughening in Ceramic Composites with Multiple Micro and Nano Size Scales (2000 CAREER)

Cheng Zhu, Professor


Cell Adhesion and Locomotion (1993 CAREER)