Bras Presented Georgia Power Professor of Excellence Award

At six home games each football season "The Georgia Power Professor of Excellence Award" presentation takes place on the field. The award recognizes one selected Professor from each of the six Colleges at Georgia Tech and is a perfect bridge between academics and athletics. Georgia Power representatives are on hand to present that game's "Professor of Excellence" with a $1,000 contribution to their College's general fund.

During the past weekend's Georgia Tech vs Miami game, Professor Bert Bras was presented with the Georgia Power Professor of Excellence Award.

Dr. Bert Bras, a Professor with the Woodruff School since September 1992, teaches engineering design classes and is currently lead instructor for Capstone Design.

His research is in sustainable design and manufacturing and focuses on how to reduce the environmental impact of companies while increasing their competitiveness. His research includes a wide range of interdisciplinary projects focused on innovative technologies and approaches, including biologically inspired design, life-cycle analyses, and systems modeling, with applications in energy systems, electric vehicle systems, and urban mobility. Recently, his projects with Ford Motor Company on MyEnergi Lifestyle and the C-Max Solar Energi concept car have been featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as well as on CNN and Reuters TV.

Dr. Bras received the Georgia Tech Outstanding Interdisciplinary Activities Award in 2007 and was named a Brook Byers Professor in 2014.