Graduate Handbook: Doctor of Philosophy

Degree Requirements:

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Robotics

Doctor of Philosophy in Paper Science and Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering


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Woodruff School Graduate Committee

The Woodruff School Graduate Committee is the academic faculty committee that oversees the operation of the Woodruff School's graduate programs. The committee has responsibility for all graduate-level degree requirements, approval of new courses, and approval of thesis reading committees. The committee typically meets once a month.


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree recognizes proficiency and high achievement in research. The items below are mandatory for all Ph.D. students.

Checklist for the Ph.D. Degree

How to Find/Change a Faculty Advisor

Develop a Program of Study

The Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

Teaching Practicum



Ph.D. Proposal

Writing the Ph.D. Proposal

Ph.D. Proposal Process and Presentation


Ph.D. Dissertation

Ph.D. Residency Requirement

Doctoral students must spend at least two full-time semesters in residence at the Georgia Institute of Technology and ordinarily must complete research for the dissertation while in residence. Under special circumstances, candidates who have met the residency requirement may receive permission to pursue their research in absentia, provided the chair of the appropriate school approves and a faculty member directs the project. In either case, doctoral students working full time on thesis research should be registered for a full course load of "9000" dissertation hours each semester.

Guidelines for Ph.D. Dissertation

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense Process

Submitting Your Dissertation

Publication of Dissertation


The Georgia Tech Graduate Office establishes deadlines for the submission of theses/dissertations. These deadlines are strictly enforced and failure to meet all the deadlines might jeopardize your graduation plans. Please check the link below: