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Accidents and Injuries

When it comes to work-related injuries you might be both a student and an employee of Georgia Tech. If you are GRA or a GTA, you are on the payroll and considered a Georgia Tech employee. If you suffer a job-related injury when acting in your GRA/GTA (employee) capacity, you are covered by Worker's Compensation. If the injury requires emergency treatment, follow the guidelines established for Georgia Tech employees. Contact the Georgia Tech Police at (404) 894-2500. Choose a physician from the list of physicians posted at various locations in Woodruff School buildings. Seek treatment at the nearest Emergency Room, but not at the Student Health Center, which is not authorized to treat Georgia Tech employees.

If you are a GRA/GTA and suffer a nonwork-related injury while functioning as a student, the Student Health Center will provide medical treatment. The same procedures apply to co-op students. Contact the Georgia Tech Police. For more information on work-related injuries and other accidents, see  Redbook.pdf

If you have an accident, send a report to Mr. Cary Ogletree, Facilities Project Manager, at email or (404) 385-8612.

Office Space

Office space in the Woodruff School is limited, however desks are available for many full-time, on-campus graduate students. Graduate research and teaching assistants and other students working on a research project under the direction of a faculty member are usually assigned desk space in a laboratory associated with that research. Use the Graduate Student Request form to request office/desk space in MRDC, Love, GTMI (MaRC), IBB, or Boggs. After being approved, see Dorothy McDuffie-Alexander in the Facilities office (Love, Room 245) to pick up your key.

To initiate your room/key request, please go to the following link and follow the online instructions:

If you note any problems with this automated process, please notify the Office of Student Services by sending an email directly to Wayne Whiteman.

You can change your ME Password at the following site: Otherwise please contact Computer Support at

Priority for office assignments is as follows:

  • Ph.D. students who have passed the qualifying exam;
  • Ph.D. students who have not yet taken or passed the qualifying exam;
  • Master's thesis students;
  • Master's nonthesis students working on research or having GTA responsibilities;
  • Undergraduate students working on research.

Computers and Networking

Office of Information Technology

Shortly after entering Georgia Tech, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will create a user account and password for each student. This is referred to as a GT account. These accounts provide a UNIX programming environment, an e-mail account, a home page location, and other services. The GT account is the official e-mail account used by students in the Woodruff School for communications. To obtain/activate your user account and password, change your account information or passwords go to

or visit the OIT resource center on the ground floor of the Library West, or call OIT customer support at (404) 894-7173.

Off-campus students will receive a form and information about their GT account in their orientation packets. This form should be faxed to the Center for Distance Learning (CDL) at (404) 894-8924. The CDL will process your request and send you an account.

OIT's customer support pages are at

or they can be reached by phone at (404) 894-7173.

High-Performance Computers

Access to high-performance research computer resources are available. For more information, about these resources contact Stephen Fuller at 404-894-2039 or email

Woodruff School Help Desk

For desktop computer assistance, printer support, reservations, or other computer and network support see

computer support

contact the Woodruff School Help Desk at (404) 894-7193, or by e-mail at


IP addresses that connect computers to the network can be requested at

IP Address Request

In addition, the Help Desk has some laptops and LCD projectors that are available for checkout for use at presentations. There is no charge for the labor to repair GT owned computer equipment, but parts will be charged to your advisor or a lab account. For more information, see

computer support

Academic Forms & Submit Publications/Awards

This link can be used to access various Woodruff School Academic forms. Please also use this link to submit Publications/Awards. Students can view these forms at

Computer Labs

The Woodruff School maintains two computer labs for student, faculty, and staff use. The MRDC Open Lab (MRDC, Room 3328) and the NRE Open Lab (Boggs 3-11).

MRDC Open Lab

The MRDC Open Lab has 18 Wyse thin-client machines that connect to Georgia Tech's Virtual Lab Infrastructure. This lab utilizes the ME VLAB pool (ME-2015) for access to this infrastructure. The School also maintains a VLAB which is also accessible from any location by visiting:

Before you log in, review the posted material. You should be programmed twenty-four hours a day for access to the cluster with your Buzz Card. If this is not the case, contact facilities for help.



There are two printers in the MRDC Open Lab that are managed by GT Printing & Copy Services. The Black & White printer (ME Black) costs $0.04/per page and the Color printer (ME Color) costs $0.19/per page. Students can use their BuzzCard to pay for printing.


Wireless/Walkup Network (LAWN)

The Georgia Tech Local Area Wireless/Walkup Network (LAWN) provides a connection in common areas of the buildings where there is normally no access. OIT supports the LAWN from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are instructions to connect to the LAWN in the lobbies of the Love and MRDC buildings. System requirements, locations covered, and instructions also can be found online at

For additional assistance regarding connections to the wireless or walkup network, please contact the help desk at (404) 894-7193 or send an email.


Copiers and Faxes

Ph.D. students teaching courses in the Woodruff School may use the copy machines located in their individual building for teaching-related work. Graduate teaching and research assistants do not have such access. For other copying jobs, see your advisor.

Shops, Laboratories, and Equipment Purchases

The Machine Shop, and the Electronics Shop are valuable Woodruff School resources. Most of the construction in these shops is done by the professional staff. However, you are advised to discuss a project with the appropriate shop manager who often can make suggestions that will reduce construction time and cost or improve function.


The Machine Shop

If you have the appropriate skills, you may be allowed to use the Machine Shop (MRDC, Room 2327). You will be asked to attend a machine shop safety training class or to demonstrate appropriate skills to shop personnel. A Waiver of Liability form must be signed by your advisor and submitted to the machine shop manager prior to using the machines. 

A machine shop work request can be obtained at

For more information about the student machine shop, contact Steven Sheffield at (404) 894-3216 or email, or

The Electronics Lab

The Electronics Lab is located in Room 2211 of the MRDC Building. Work performed must be related to funded research, thesis work, or course work. Contact Mr. Vladimir Bortkevich at (404) 894-7671 or email to discuss your requirements.

Equipment Purchases

Purchases of equipment and other items require the approval of a faculty member who will supply the necessary research account number to which the purchase is to be charged. Purchases for research and other projects should be planned in advance so that a minimum number of purchases are made. Where necessary, charges will be made to a P-card (a State of Georgia Visa charge account).