ME 7792: Advanced Mechanics of Composites

Offered Every Spring

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: AE 4791 or CEE 4791 or CHE 4791 or TFE 4791 or ME 4791 or MSE 4791 or equivalent
Catalog Description: Anisotropic elasticity, hygrothermal behavior, stress analysis of laminated composites including 3D effects, stress concentrations, free-edge effects, thick laminates, adhesive and mechanical connections, fracture of composites. Crosslisted with AE, CHE, CEE, MSE, and TFE 7792.
Textbooks: None; Instructor's notes.
Instructors: Iwona Jasiuk (ME), Jianmin Qu (ME), Wan-Lee Yin(CEE), Erian Armanios(AE), George Kardomateas(AE), Rami Haj-ali (CEE)
  • Review of anisotropic elasticity.
  • Failure theories.
  • Hygrothermal behavior and related constitutive equations; fabrication or residual stresses.
  • Stress analysis in laminated composites including 3-D effects; variational formulation.
  • Thick laminates: transverse shear deformation, first order and higher order theories.
  • Local effects associated with geometric and material discontinuities: free edge, ply termination, interface, etc.
  • Joints: mechanical and adhesive connections.
  • Creep of composites: Stress-strain relations including time and temperature factors; material property deterioration.
  • Fracture of composites: crack formation; mode of fracture; separation of modes; energy release rate, analytic determination and experimental measurement.
  • Impact: stresses and damages in a laminate due to low velocity impact.
  • Hybrid composites and other advanced topics.