ME 7773: Advanced Fracture Mechanics

Offered Fall, Even Years

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: AE 7772 or CEE 7772 or CHE 7772 or ME 7772 or MSE 7772
Catalog Description: Nonlinear fracture mechanics including elastic-plastic, time-dependent fracture, advanced test methods, J-integral theory, and extensions. Crosslisted with AE, CEE, CHE, and MSE 7773.
Textbooks: Melvin F. Kanninen and Carl H. Popelar, Advanced Fracture Mechanics, First Edition, Oxford University Press, 1985.
Ashok Saxena, Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics for Engineers; First Edition, CRC Press, 1998.
Instructors: Ashok Saxena (MSE), David McDowell (ME), Christopher Lynch (ME), Richard Neu (ME), George Kardomateas(AE)

M.Kanninen and C.Poplar, "Advanced Fracture Mechanics", Oxford University Press

T.L.Anderson, "Fracture Mechanics-Fundamentals and Applications", CRC Press Current Literature in Fracture Mechanics

To provide an in-depth treatment of advanced topics in fracture mechanics including fracture and crack growth under elastic-plastic, time-dependent and dynamic conditions.The course emphasizes the fundamental underpinings of nonlinear fracture mechanics and its use in material evaluation and life prediction methodology for components. Micro-mechanics of fracture and crack growth processes are also covered. Upon completion of the course, the students should be able to read and follow current research papers in fracture mechanics.

  • Limitations of LEFM
  • Fundamentals of Plasticity, Slip-line Fields and Limit-loads
  • Analysis of Cracks under Elastic-Plastic Loading
  • Methods of Estimating J-integral
  • Crack Growth Resistance Curves
  • Instability Theory
  • Dynamic Fracture
  • Micromechanics of Ductile Fracture and Constraint Effects
  • Fracture in the Transition Region
  • Fatigue Crack Growth Under Large-scale Plasticity
  • Analysis of Cracks in Creeping Bodies
  • Creep Crack Growth
  • Creep-fatigue Crack Growth
  • Fracture in Visco-elastic Materials
  • Case Studies
    • Creep Fracture in Components
    • Integrity of Nuclear Steam Pipes
    • Failure of Turbine Casings
    • Failure of Turbine Rotors
    • Integrity of Jet Engine Disks
    • Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics
Grading scheme:

Two Exams