ME 7764: Acoustic Propagation

Offered Spring, Even Years

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: AE 6760 or ME 6760
Catalog Description: Propagation of sound in inhomogeneous fluids: ray acoustics, ocean and atmospheric acoustics, nonlinear acoustics. Crosslisted with AE 7764.
Textbooks: Alan Pierce, Acoustics: Introduction to Physical Principles and Applications, 1st Edition, Springer Verlag, 1989.
Instructors: Anyone in the Acoustics group; Pete Rogers

The goal of this course is to expose students to the fundamental principles governing sound propagation in realistic fluids.


  • Equations governing propagation in in-homogeneous media.
  • Ray acoustics
  • Refraction
  • Ground effects
  • Atmospheric acoustics
  • Ocean acoustics
  • Nonlinear acoustics