ME 6408: Advanced Mechatronics

Credit Hours1-6-3
PrerequisitesME 4405: Fundamentals of Mechatronics
ME 6405: Introduction to Mechatronics or by consent of the instructor
Catalog DescriptionFocusing on team projects, designing and building intelligent machines and products.
Lectures - sensors and transducers, actuators, fluid power, power rectifiers, motion control and modeling of mechatronic systems.
TextbooksClass notes provided by the instructor and guest lecturers
InstructorsI. Charles Ume, Jonathan Rogers and Frank Hammond
Lecture TopicsMechatronics systems: Examples - Manufacturing, Robotics, Transportation equipment, Medical equipment, Defense equipment, Space exploration, Sports, Smart homes and Sanitations
Transducers and Sensors: Ultrasonic transducer, Laser ultrasonic, Hall Effect sensor, Variable reluctance sensor, Pressure sensor, and Accelerometer
Motion Control: Input shaper
Actuators and Mechanical Drives: Piezoelectric actuator, and Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
Power rectifiers
Fluid power
Modeling of mechatronic systems
ProjectTeam projects for entire semester
Grading (%)15% each - Short test x 2
7.5% each - Interim report x 2
15% - Midterm presentation
40% - Final project presentation/report