ME 6229 Introduction to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

Offered Every Fall

Credit Hours: 2-3-3
Prerequisites: Graduate standing in engineering or related discipline
Catalog Description: Principles of microfabrication for sensors and actuators. Lumped parameter analysis and computer-aided design; materials properties; case studies include cantilever beam, pressure sensor, and accelerometer.
Textbooks: Gregory T. Kovacs, Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook, 1st Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1998.
Stephen D. Senturia, Microsystem Design, 1st Edition, Kluwer, 2000.
Marc J. Madou, Fundamentals of Microfabrication, 2nd Edition, CRC Press, 2002.
Instructors: Levent Degertekin, Peter Hesketh