ME 6226: Fundamentals of Semiconductor Manufacture and Assembly

Offered as Required

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: ME 6222 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description: Basic mechanical and materials processes in production including silicon boule growth, plastic encapsulation, interconnect metal migration, solder joining, printing, manufacturing process cost analysis.
Textbooks: Rao R. Tummala and Eugene J. Rlymaszewski, Microelectronics Packaging Handbook: Part 2 Semiconductor Packaging; 2nd Edition, Chapman and Hall, 1997.
Donald P. Seraphim, Ronalld C. Lasky, and Che-Yu Li, Principles of Electronic Packaging, 1st Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1989.
Instructors: Daniel F. Baldwin
Goals: This course is designed to provide a fundamental background for graduate and senior undergraduate students in a rapidly growing field for mechanical and manufacturing engineers, namely electronics manufacturing. This highly cross disciplinary field involves numerous mechanical and materials processes beyond those typically covered at the undergraduate level. This course will build on the undergraduate principles and focus on key materials processes through detailed analytical treatments providing the tools necessary for process system design. An integral component to the course will be a group project that will enable students to integrate the fundamental principles on practical manufacturing systems.
  1. Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Heat Transfer Analysis of Silicon Boule Growth
  • Introduction to Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Analysis of Mechanical Polishing and Dicing
  • Analysis of Metal Deposition
  • Fundamentals of Package Processing
    • Overview of Packaging Technology
    • Analysis of Polymer Encapsulation Processing
      • Non Newtonian Flow Analysis
      • Mold Design
    • PWB and Substrate Processing Analysis
      • Precision Drilling Analysis
      • Analysis of Metal Deposition and Etching
      • Composite Laminant Process Analysis
  • Interconnect Processing
    • Introduction to Interconnect Technologies
    • Solid State Diffusion Analysis and Intermetallic Formation
    • Solder Fillet Formation Analysis
    • Modeling Surface Tension Driven Self-Alignment
    • Polymer Adhesives Processing
  • Assembly Processes
    • Introduction to Through Hole, Surface Mount, and Direct Chip Attach Assembly
    • Design for Electronic Assembly
    • Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Stencil Printing
    • Electronic Assembly Fixturing Analysis
    • Assembly System Design and Optimization
    • Line Balancing Analysis
  • Process Cost Analysis
    • Activity Based Cost Analysis
    • Case Study in Flip Chip Processing
    • Case Study in SMT vs Chip Scale Packaging
  • Industry Case Studies (Industry Guest Lectures)
    • Build-up Substrate Technology Selection (G. White, Motorola)
    • CIM in Electronics Assembly (J. Hawthorne, Machine Vision Technologies)
    • Failure Modes in Electronics Packages (L. Kessler, Sonoscan)
    • Next Generation Electronics Packaging and Process Technologies (R. Lasky, Cookson EMD)
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