Academic Staff


Dr. Andrei Fedorov, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
Love Building, Room 303, (404) 385-1356

•  Oversight of the graduate program in the Woodruff School
•  Career counseling and advice
•  Ex officio member of the School's Graduate Committee
•  Liaison for the graduate program with other academic units on the Georgia Tech campus


Dr. Steven Biegalski, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Program Chair
Boggs Building, Room 3-39S (404) 894-3718 

•  Administers the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering/Medical Physics Programs



Dr. Bert Bras, Associate Chair for Administration
MRDC Building, Room 3218, (404) 894-9667

•  Responsible for the scheduling of classes and registration




Dr. Wayne Whiteman, Director of the Office of Student Services

MRDC Building, Room 3102, (404) 894-3204

•  Manages the Office of Student Services
•  Assists the Associate Chairs of the Woodruff School
•  Assists in the advisement of both undergraduate and graduate students


Dr. Jeffrey Donnell, Senior Academic Professional

MRDC Building, Room 3105, (404) 894-8568

•  Assists with NSF, DoD, and similar fellowships



Academic Advisors and Administration

The Woodruff School’s Office of Student Services is located in the MRDC Building, Room 3112

Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m. – noon to 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Ms. Glenda Johnson, Academic Advisor

MRDC Building, Room 3112, (404) 385-0586

•  Assists graduate students with programs of study, degree petitions, graduate committee actions, and support forms.
•  Advises graduate students with last names beginning with M - Z.


Ms. Camellia Henry, Academic Assistant

MRDC Building, Room 3112, (404) 894-3204

•  Assists graduate students with the admissions process



Ms. Kathryn Drake, Academic Assistant

MRDC Building, Room 3112, (404) 894-3204

•  Point of contact for all visitors to the Office of Student Services
•  Assists with graduate admissions
•  Schedules appointments and meetings


Ms. Bianca Tenny, Academic Assistant

MRDC 3112, (404) 385-5671

  • Assists with NRE and MP graduate actions