Contact List

WHO does WHAT at the Woodruff School?

Account balances - See your assigned accountant
Acoustical Society of America Student Chapter
Administrative Manager - Melody Foster
Administrative Office questions - Melody Foster
Advisory Board Meetings - Sam Graham (faculty) & Melody Foster (staff)
Alumni issues - Sam Graham (faculty)
ANS student chapter faculty advisor - Chaitanya Deo
ASHRAE student chapter faculty advisor - Sheldon Jeter
Assignment of new graduate students to faculty advisors - Andrei Fedorov
ASME Student Chapter faculty advisor - Al Ferri
Audio-visual and telecommunications equipment - Help Desk
Auto Show - Sterling Skinner
Awards, distinctions, fellowships and patent announcements - Sam Graham (faculty) & Ben Wright (staff)

Borrowing a laptop, notebook, projector, or other computer equipment - Help Desk
Borrowing the Woodruff School banners -Administrative Office
BS/MS Program - Andrei Fedorov
Budgets and proposals - See your assigned accountant
Business cards - Email Request
Buzzcard (electronic) access - Samiah Blake & Bruce Barkley

Calendar of Events - Ben Wright
CanSat student competition team faculty advisor - Bill Singhose
Capstone Design Expo - Nichelle Compton
Classroom reservations - Melody Foster
Class scheduling - Monifa Skelton
Committee assignments - Faculty Advisory Committee & Sam Graham
Computer and network services - Stephen Fuller
Computer cluster reservations (MRDC) - Help Desk
Computer hardware and software ordering - See your administrative assistant
Computer repair - Help Desk
Copier Maintenance/Repair - ITG
Copier access - Help Desk

Development and fundraising for the Woodruff School - TBD
Display cases, atrium plaques, and pedestal displays - Ben Wright
Distance Learning Program - Wayne Whiteman

Electronics Lab - Kyle French
E-mail class lists - Help Desk
E-mail setup - Help Desk
Equipment & chemical disposal - ME Facilities
Equipment & office/lab moves - ME Facilities
External web page - Ben Wright

Faculty awards - Steven Liang, David Hu
Faculty and staff profiles on the web - Ben Wright
Faculty candidate interviews - Sam Graham (faculty)
Faculty development issues - Lie Zhu, Tequila Harris
Faculty meeting agendas - Melody Foster
Faculty recruiting - Z. Zhang, Steven Liang
Finance issues - Angela Hicks & Millie Wan

Georgia Tech Lorraine - Yves Berthelot
Grade changes - Katherine Drake
Grader hiring - Bert Bras (faculty) & Katherine Drake (staff)
Graduate Committee issues - Alexander Alexeev (faculty) and Glenda Johnson (staff)
Graduate student handbook - Andrei Fedorov & Wayne Whiteman
Graduate program - Andrei Fedorov & Wayne Whiteman (faculty) and Glenda Johnson (staff)
Graduate student advising - Glenda Johnson
Graduate student orientation - Andrei Fedorov (faculty), Glenda Johnson, Camillia Henry (staff)
Graduate student visas - Katherine Drake
GT Motorsports faculty advisor - Ken Cunefare
GT Off-Road faculty advisor - Ken Cunefare

Help with fellowships and graduate school applications - Jeff Donnell
Help with oral and written presentations - Jeff Donnell
High Performance Computing - Stephen Fuller
Human resources issues for faculty and staff - Cindy Pickett

Immigration issues - Cindy Pickett
Instructional labs - Nader Sadegh, Tom Kurfess (faculty) & Sterling Skinner (staff)
Internal web page -Help Desk

Keys - Samiah Blake & Cary Ogletree

Lab and office issues - Bruce Barkley
Lab inventory - Bruce Barkley & Darryl Williams
Logo, copyright, registration, and trademark use (on GT sites) - Ben Wright

Machine Shop - Steven Sheffield
Mail delivery - Craig Burns
ME 2110 Student Design Competition - Tom Kurfess (faculty) & Nichelle Compton (staff)
Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MEGA) - Andrew Schulz (graduate student)
Medical Physics program - Steven Biegalski, Nolan Hertel & Dingkang Zhang


Network addresses and ports - Help Desk
Nuclear and Radiological Engineering program - Steven Biegalski, Nolan Hertel (faculty)

Office and space assignments - Cary Ogletree
Ordering items - See your administrative assistant

Package delivery - Samiah Blake
Personnel issues in finance
Petty cash and reimbursement requests - See your administrative assistant
Policies and procedures - Sam Graham
Post docs, visiting scholars/faculty and temporary researchers - Cindy Pickett
Posters and banners, making of - Ben Wright
Pi Tau Sigma (ME honor society) faculty advisor - Wayne Whiteman (interim)
Printer and scanner repairs - Help Desk
Property disposal - Bruce Barkley & Darryl Williams
Public relations for the School - Ben Wright

Qualifying exams - Andrei Fedorov (faculty) & Glenda Johnson (staff)

Reappointment, promotion, and tenure issues - Sam Graham (faculty) & Melody Foster (staff)
Records Retention Program -
Recruiting of new graduate students - Andrei Fedorov & Wayne Whiteman (faculty) and Glenda Johnson (staff)
Research lab web page setup - Help Desk
RoboJackets faculty advisor - Jun Ueda
RoboJackets FIRST faculty advisor - Frank Hammond

Room Reservations

Safety and security - Cary Ogletree & Bruce Barkley
Scheduling a seminar - See your administrative assistant
Scheduling of Woodruff School Events - Sam Graham (faculty), Melody Foster (staff)
Setup for special events - ME Facilities

Special Problems Courses/Undergraduate Research Projects - Al Ferri

Special Woodruff School Projects - Ben Wright
Strategic Planning - Faculty Advisory Committee and Sam Graham
Student Competition Center - Jason Barnes
Submit your seminar page problems - Marlena Frank
Submit your seminar page content issues - Ben Wright
Supplies and equipment - See your administrative assistant

Teaching schedule - Dave Rosen, Bert Bras
Telephones - Bruce Barkley & Rebecca Herrera
Textbook ordering - Katherine Drake
Travel - See your administrative assistant and assigned accountant

Undergraduate advising (ME) -Kristi Mehaffey & Norma Frank (less than 45 credit hours)
Undergraduate advising (NRE) - Camellia Henry
Undergraduate student handbook - Kristi Mehaffey
Undergraduate labs - Sterling Skinner
Undergraduate program -Al Ferri (faculty) & Kristi Mehaffey (advisor)

Vacation requests (staff) - See your supervisor
Vehicle maintenance - ME Facilities
Video and teleconference setup - Help Desk


Woodruff School Events - Nichelle Compton

Woodruff School Graduate Women (WSGW
Woodruff School Student Advisory Committee (WSSAC) faculty advisor - Kristi Mehaffey
Wreck Racing faculty advisor - Ken Cunefare