ME Graduate Students Win ITherm-2018 Awards

ME grad students Yates, Pavlidis, Athavale, Brown and ChapmanFive Woodruff School graduate students received accolades at the ITherm-2018 Conference. Sponsored by the IEEE's Electronics Packaging Society (EPS), ITherm-2018 is an international conference for scientific and engineering exploration of thermal, thermomechanical and emerging technology issues associated with electronic devices, packages and systems.

Joel Chapman (advised by Dr. Andrei Fedorov) was awarded the Best Paper Award in Component Level Thermal Management Track for his paper Nanoelectrosprayed Liquid Jets for Evaporative Heat Transfer Enhancement

David B. Brown (advised by Dr. Satish Kumar) received the Outstanding Paper Award in Emerging Technologies and Fundamentals Track for his paper Thermal Boundary Conductance Mapping at Metal-MoSe2 Interface.

Luke Yates and George Pavlidis (both advised by Dr. Samuel Graham) received awards for Best Power Award in System Level Thermal Management Track for their project Electrical and Thermal Analysis of Vertical GaN-on-GaN PN Diodes and Outstanding Poster Award in Emerging Technologies and Fundamentals Track for their project Improving the Transient Thermal Characterization of GaN HEMTs.

Jayati Athavale (advised by Yogendra Joshi) was honored with the Outstanding Power Award in System Level Thermal Management Track for her work Artificial Neural Network Based Prediction of Temperature and Flow Profile in Data Centers.

The ITherm-2018 Conference was held in San Diego and featured panel discussions, keynote lectures by prominent speakers, invited Tech Talks and professional short courses. Papers were peer reviewed and will be published in the ITherm proceedings. Posters were selected for awards based on technical merit, clarity and self-sufficiency of the content, novelty and originality of the work, overall impact of the poster display and oral presentation at the poster session.