Abdel-Khalik Appointed Chairman of INPO

Dr. Said I. Abdel-Khalik, Southern Nuclear Distinguished Professor, Nuclear & Radiological Engineering, has been appointed Chairman of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations Advisory Council by the INPO Board of Directors. “I am honored to be appointed to that highly visible position and am pleased to bring honor and visibility to the Woodruff School and Georgia Tech,” says Dr. Abdel-Khalik.

Over the past forty years, Dr. Abdel-Khalik’s research has covered a wide range of areas in both nuclear and mechanical engineering. Dr. Abdel-Khalik joined the Georgia Tech faculty as the Georgia Power Distinguished Professor in 1987 and was appointed to his current position as the Southern Nuclear Distinguished Professor in 1993.

Established by the nuclear power industry in December 1979, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations promotes the highest levels of safety and reliability in the operation of commercial nuclear power plants. The INPO Advisory Council provides advice to the Board of Directors to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear electric generating plants. The Council consists of twelve experts from a broad range of fields including Design and operation of nuclear plants, behavioral and human sciences; training operators of complex systems; government and regulatory matters affecting nuclear utilities; environmental and medical sciences; safety analysis; and education in scientific, engineering, or high technology subjects.